Sutton artist Emily Cromwell finds inspiration in books

Emily Cromwell found her niche as an artist in whimsical and colorful book-related products.

Fairy-tale happiness and endings usually only occur in novels, but sometimes, they happen in real life, too. Emily Cromwell knows this because she has been living her dream as a small business owner and artist, finding her niche in whimsical and colorful book-related products.

Nearly 200 bookmarks and countless other products later, her Sutton-based business, Emily Cromwell Designs, was created out of her shared love of art and reading. Her bright, bold colors; scrolling patterns and lettering; And drawings and sayings related to the book world — like overflowing TBR (“to be read”) carts and shelves and charming bookshops — have captured the attention of not only local readers, but throughout the country and even overseas.

“My inspiration is my daily life in the book world,” Cromwell said. “I love to make relatable book designs so bookworms can look at them and say, ‘That’s so me.'”

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