Teachers shouldn’t be first responders in Florida’s bid to ban books

Palm Beach County schools Superintendent Michael Burke visits Marisa Ozoaru's fifth grade class at the Pahokee Elementary IB World School on August 10, 2021 in Pahokee, Florida.  GREG LOVETT/PALM BEACH POST

If anyone reading this still believes teachers just teach, we’d invite them to think again. Today’s teachers hold many jobs beyond simply providing an education. The state of Florida is adding a new one to an already ballooning job description — book censor.

On May 26, the Palm Beach County School District asked its teachers to check their libraries and media centers for any books and materials that might run afoul of Florida’s new parental rights laws. It’s unfortunate that the administration has turned its teachers into the first responders of banned books. They already have enough on their plates.

“It’s my responsibility to comply with the law, and I’m trying to do it in the least disruptive manner,” Superintendent Michael Burke said during an interview with The Post.

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