The 10 Best YouTube Channels to Learn How to Play Guitar

The best way to learn how to play guitar is to have one-on-one sessions with a professional guitar teacher. However, this method can be pretty expensive, and you’ll have to set aside a specific time during the day for this activity.


The next best alternative is to watch online videos of guitar experts and learn by following along. This method is mostly free, and there is no time restriction.

So, we have compiled a list of some of the best YouTube channels out there that can help you learn how to play guitar.

This is probably one of the best channels for aspiring guitarists. Your teacher on this channel will be Justin Sandercoe, who offers courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

On the home page of his channel, Justin has categorized his videos for different beginner levels by grading the tutorials from one to seven. You can also watch video lessons based on artists, styles, and skills.

Furthermore, you can search for specific lessons for different levels, songs, or styles. You’ll find plenty of stuff to learn as Justin has almost 750 videos available.

If you like his work, you can check out his website for more content. He even has an app called Justin Guitar Lessons & Songs available for Android and iOS.

Andy Crowley runs a hugely popular YouTube channel with almost 1,500 video lessons. Andy has different categories on his homepage, such as lessons for absolute beginners and lessons for kids.

While he has also created some advanced lessons, his main focus is on teaching beginners. You’ll find lessons about strumming, fingerpicking, embellishments, and much more on his channel. In fact, Andy will teach you pretty much all the basics you might wish to learn.

If you are interested in learning more about playing the guitar and the ukulele, you can check out his website

Marty Schwartz is another amazing guitar teacher with more than 2,000 videos on his YouTube channel. On his home page, you’ll find lessons for beginners, lessons for electric guitar players, top pop and rock songs, and more.

Due to so many videos, the best way to find suitable lessons is by manually searching for them. The easiest way to segregate the videos according to your level is to perform a search for “Beginner,” “Intermediate,” or “Advanced.”

Marty not only shares his knowledge about how to play guitars, but he also tells you about different types of guitars and accessories. And if you’re interested in websites that can help you learn to play guitaryou can also check out his website for more paid lessons.

You can learn almost anything online, including how to tune your guitar using Google Search. But if you want to learn how to play popular songs and original songs you’ve never heard of, For3v3rfaithful is the right place for you.

On this channel, with almost 400 videos, Ellen Chang does a great job teaching you the ropes no matter your skill level. Her home page has plenty of categories for beginners, intermediate players, and experts.

Ellen has a lot of videos where she shares tips and tricks about guitars. These videos can help you improve and learn more effectively and efficiently. And apart from teaching popular songs, Ellen also shares her amazing original songs that you can learn. She uploads some Vlogs as well that are fun and informative to watch.

Like other channels on this list, Kurt Berg has a great teaching method with clear on-screen diagrams. He has almost 200 lessons on his channel, which doesn’t sound much compared to others, but these are 200 quality lessons.

Kurt doesn’t have many videos for absolute beginners, though. However, his teaching style is beginner-friendly, and with a little effort, you might be able to play along with some of his intermediate lessons.

If you like his videos, you can access his premium content through his website

This channel has almost 350 lessons that are quite lengthy. The average lesson lasts 30 minutes. So, you need focus and time to learn from this channel.

Let’sPlayGuitar! mostly has tutorials on how to play songs. So, if you’re looking for video lessons on the complete basics for absolute beginners, this might not be the channel for you.

Most of the lessons this channel offers are for the fingerpicking style and the moderately beginner-friendly ones are named “Easy Lessons.”

This is another channel that has over a thousand video lessons. The categorization on the home page is not very good. So, you’ll have to browse through the videos or search quickly to find what you are looking for.

You won’t find much content on guitar basics because the channel focuses on teaching songs. However, you can search for either “Beginner” or “Easy” to find some great beginner-friendly lessons. After you master some songs, you might even want to Record your acoustic or electro-acoustic guitar and share your progress with your friends.

This channel, run by Adrian, offers almost 375 video lessons. If you search for “Beginner’s Course,” you’ll find a collection of videos by Adrian teaching you the absolute basics of playing guitar.

Apart from that course, the lessons on the channel are mostly intended for intermediate and advanced players. This is a great channel for mastering your guitar-playing skills through advanced lessons.

Marco has over 750 video lessons on his channel, and the categories on his home page are mostly for intermediate and advanced players. However, you’ll find some useful beginner-friendly content if you search for “beginner.”

We wouldn’t recommend Marco to absolute beginners, though. But if you know your basics, this channel can surely take your guitar-playing skills to the next level.

Michelle, AKA Guitar Goddess, has more than 425 video lessons on her YouTube channel. She has a section dedicated to beginners where you can learn the basics.

Michelle also shares a section where she unboxes guitars. It is fun to watch and can help you find the best guitar for beginners.

If you are an advanced guitarist looking to learn some new songs, you’ll find plenty of lessons catered to advanced players as well. This channel will be helpful for you during your complete guitar-playing journey.

Learn Your Favorite Tunes

The channels we’ve listed are among the best online resources for learning how to play guitar, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player.

Some channels offer tutorials on the complete basics, while some are intended for intermediate and advanced players. You are sure to find what you are looking for on at least one of these YouTube channels. But remember that it’s best to play along to maximize your learning. Only watching videos won’t get you far, especially if you’re a beginner.

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