The Batman Concept Art Reveals Even More Deranged Riddler Torture Traps

Newly revealed The Batman concept art shows various alternate designs for bad guy The Riddler’s sadistic rat trap killing device.


The Batman concept art reveals alternate designs for The Riddler’s creepy rat trap killing device. Previous on-screen depictions of Batman villain The Riddler showed him as an over-the-top clown with a love for silly riddles. But 2022’s The Batman offered up a much darker vision of the character inspired by the real life Zodiac Killer.

Of course the “riddling” aspect of The Riddler was retained in The Batman, giving Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne a dark mystery to solve. That mystery unfolded in creepy fashion as The Riddler went around Gotham murdering the powerful in ways intended to send messages to Batman. Undoubtedly the creepiest of The Riddler’s kills saw him murdering commissioner Pete Savage by affixing a trap to his head that forced rats to burrow their way into the victim’s face and eat him alive. This particular killing method in fact seemed to have more in common with Saw villain jigsaw than The Riddler’s primary inspiration, the Zodiac.


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As creepy and weird as this rat trap killing device may have been in the movie, it could actually have been even stranger and more diabolical, as newly-released The Batman concept art reveals. Concept designer Matthew Savage showed off the art on his Instagram, giving fans a glimpse inside the process of crafting The Riddler’s deranged creation. See the art in the space below:

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The most striking of the above alternate trap designs may be the one that features a whole set-up of tubes, allowing the rats to get some exercise after feasting on the victim’s face. Other designs are more simple and straight-forward, including one that’s literally just a square wire box strapped to the victim’s body with a couple rats crawling around inside. Another design employs a clear pan of glass so The Riddler can scrawl his catchphrase “No More Lies” on it.

Through all these various attempts at getting the Riddler’s most diabolical device just right, one sees the commitment The Batman‘s design team had to make the movie as sick and twisted as possible (within the confines of its PG-13 rating of course). And it’s safe to say the team succeeded in their grim intentions as The Riddler became one of the more memorable comic book movie villains in recent history. The Batman may indeed have been too dark and weird for some, but others clearly embraced its horror-inspired vision of Gotham, a vision best embodied by its devilishly inventive and utterly deranged central bad guy.

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Source: Matthew Savage/Instagram

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