The Best Comic Book Shows

Comic books are one of the most popular mediums of entertainment today. From superhero comic books to fantasy comic books, there are comic books to suit just about every conceivable taste. Through the use of art and dialogue, comics keep their readers engaged.

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Some of the most popular comics end up getting live-action adaptations. Companies like Marvel and DC have their own cinematic universes where they bring their most popular characters to life. While there are many good comic book shows out there, the very best tv shows based on comic books are a cut above the rest.

9 The Walking Dead

Started by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore in 2003, The Walking Dead is a comic book series about a post-apocalyptic world in which zombies have taken over. The series saw immense success and was adapted into a TV show by AMC in 2019.

The Walking Dead is among the most popular shows of all time. Sticking close to the source material and with excellent performances from its cast, The Walking Dead is a show that every fan of zombies should check out. While the show does eventually become slightly monotonouseveryone should give the first four seasons a go and proceed from there.

8 Superman and Lois

Superman and Lois is arguably among the most underrated superhero shows of all time. Based on Superman and his wife, Lois Lane, Superman and Lois is a very human take on the man of steel. The show takes Superman back to Smallville where he lives with his wife and two sons.

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All in all, Superman and Lois is a well-written show with great performances from its cast and surprisingly good CGI. In 2021, the world was in dire need of a good Superman show and Superman and Lois duly delivered.

7 The Umbrella Academy

Written by Gerard Way with illustrations from Gabriel Ba, The Umbrella Academy is a comic book series about a team of kids with extraordinary powers. Under the guidance of their mentor, Dr. Reginald Hargreeves, the Umbrella Academy fights enemies using their powers.

While the prime might sound generic, The Umbrella Academy goes beyond the norm thanks to its engaging characters, witty dialogue, and interesting story. Not only does the TV adaptation of The Umbrella Academy stay true to the source material, but it also takes what was already there and often surpasses it due to how well-made it is.

6 Moon Knight

Moon Knightfeaturing Oscar Isaac, was released to a lot of fan anticipation in 2022. It seems safe to say that it delivered on every front. Moon Knight is a show with a bit of everything: good writing, good performances, action, witty humor, tragedy and loss, and plenty of tense, gripping moments.

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The show is in many ways an assessment of split personality disorder and loss. Moon Knight is a hero given powers by Khonsu, the Egyptian god of the moon. Much like WandaVision, Moon Knight‘s story is one that can’t be talked about much due to potential spoilers, but fans of the MCU should definitely give Moon Knight a go, if not for anything else than for the suit alone.

5 Peacemaker

Directed by James Gunn with John Cena as its lead actor, Peacemaker was bound to be a success. Peacemaker follows Christopher Smith (Peacemaker), who is enlisted by ARGUS for a mission called Project Butterfly.

Peacemaker is full of good dialogue, comedy, and action. While it may not have the deepest of storylines, Peacemaker is pure fun and that is more than enough. People looking for a brilliantly written comic book show that is engaging should look no further than Peacemaker.

4 WandaVision

WandaVision was the first of the phase 4 MCU shows. Starting as a classic old-school rom-com and essentially having every episode portraying a different decade, WandaVision is a beautifully written show that every fan of superhero comics should check out.

While providing too many details might spoil it a little too much, viewers can rest assured that WandaVision‘s storyline is excellent. It contains themes of love, loss, grief, and denial, all while transitioning from a rom-com to a superhero fiction show.

3 Watchmen

2019’s Watchmen by HBO serves as a fitting sequel to the comic books. The show depicts the rise of a group known as the 7th Cavalry, an evil organization with only one mission: to abolish Dr. Manhattan.

Watchmen is an amazing show, from its terrific performances to its top-tier cinematography and writing. The show not only serves as a great comic book series but is also one that poses many philosophical questions. Watchmen is brilliantly executed and is a show for everyone, not just comic book fans.

2 Daredevil

2015’s Daredevil started a new age of comic book TV shows. Before it, the world had not seen such a refined comic book TV show. Daredevil It was near perfect, but from its cinematic shots to the performances and casting, it was what the world had been wanting of a superhero show for years.

Daredevil Tell the tale of Matthew Murdock, a lawyer who got blinded as a child due to an accident. Matthew now plays lawyer during the day and vigilante during the night. Daredevil stopped filming after the third season, leaving fans begging for more. However, Spider-Man: No Way Home confirmed the MCU return of Charlie Cox as Daredevilwith Marvel later confirming that a Daredevil reboot is currently in the works.

1 The Boys

The Boys is an Amazon Prime series. It basically shows what would happen if the strongest people on Earth, who are supposed to protect the planet, were actually evil and their appearances as superheroes were just for show. The third season of The Boys ended recently to high critical acclaim.

From spectacular performances to incredible writing, The Boys is an all-around brilliant TV show. Not only this, but many fans of the source material also believe that the show surpasses the source material. While there is a lot of violence and gore in The Boys, it is closer to reality than most popular superhero series. It strays away from the romanticized version of superheroes and instead gives viewers a more realistic idea of ​​what might actually happen if humans had superpowers.

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