The Sad Reason Courteney Cox And Matthew Perry’s Vacation Scenes During Season 8 Of Friends Needed To Be Reshot

Reruns of Friends will continue to be watched for years and years to come by different generations. What made the sitcom so popular was the simple fact that it was an easy watch and one that provided fans a sense of comfort for a decade.

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Behind the scenes, when it came to shooting the series, things were a little more complicated. An average episode could have taken five hours to shoot and in addition, edits would take place.


In one instance, Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry needed to completely reshoot their honeymoon scenes from season 8. Although the original version might’ve been better, it came at a touchy moment.

Friends Had A Few Reshoots Over Its 10 Seasons

There was a lot that went on behind the scenes during the making of Friends. It wasn’t shot like a regular sitcom, one that did not dare to touch the writing. Instead, the producers and writing team were very flexible when it came to changing lines, especially if it didn’t get a reaction.

Heck in one instance, Lisa Kudrow herself asked the live audience if they understood the joke.

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Reshoots would also take place from time to time. In one occurrence, the reaction to Tom Selleck’s debut on the sitcom was too overpowering and loudleading to the scene getting a complete makeover, this time around with no audience.

A similar instance took place with Jennifer Aniston and her spontaneous “world’s worst hangover” line. The moment got a huge laugh, so much so that it needed to be edited in the editors’ room to have the laugh last less than it did.

Those reshoots were minor compared to this one. Given what had taken place with 9-11, the show needed to make some modifications given the sensitivity toward the topic.

Monica And Chandler’s Honeymoon Story Needed To Be Reshot Because Of 9-11

“The One Where Rachel Tells RossDuring season 8 featured an entertaining storyline, which saw Monica and Chandler on their honeymoon. In the episode that aired, everything was going wrong for the couple.

However, according to Insider things were supposed to be even worse for the couple, however, edits were made due to 9-11.

“In reality, Monica and Chandler were never supposed to arrive at their destination in the original version of the episode.”

The couple was going to get in trouble after Chandler used the term bomb, “You don’t have to worry about me, ma’am. I take my bombs very seriously.” The irony of the scene was the sign in the back of Chandler, prohibiting this type of language.

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Things would only get worse once they were able to get on the flight, “When they’re cleared to get on their flight, Monica receives a call from Joey and Phoebe about their apartment door being damaged. When Joey asks Monica whether or not she ‘ll charge them for it, she yells out, “No, I want you to stand there and wait for the entire place to blow up!”

The original scenes were kept and can still be watched among the deleted scenes. As for the rest of the episode, other changes were also made behind the scenes.

Other Edits Were Also Made To ‘The One Where Rachel Tells Ross’ Episode

Another add-on was made to the show, this was paying homage to New York during a difficult period. IMDb noticed an “I Love New York” add-on into the episode.

“When Ross and Rachel are talking at the end of the show the magna-doodle has”I Love New York“Written on it. This was filmed right after the 9/11 attacks and the doodle was a way of showing sympathy for the people of New York City.”

In addition, Ross and Rachel also saw some significant script changes as well, “The original script had the intention of a running gag that Ross, the one with a Ph.D., doesn’t know much about many things, as he was intended to freak out about both the condom ineffectiveness and not seeing the baby on the ultrasound.”

“However, the writers later decided that it would make more sense for Rachel, being the inexperienced mother, to freak out about the ultrasound, so the script was changed and the episode was filmed that way.”

Despite all the changes, the season 8, episode 3 turned out be just fine.

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