This Fan Theory Explains Why Oldest Daughter Jana Duggar Hasn’t Married Yet

For years, the Duggars were a reality TV staple on TLC. Then, family drama — and legal issues — took almost all of the Duggars off the air. And yet, despite their reality series being defunct, former viewers are still invested in what’s going on in the family’s lives.


For one thing, fans are concerned about how Anna Duggar will support her and Josh’s seven kids while he’s in prison. They’re also curious about Jill Duggar Dillard’s relationship with patriarch Jim-Bob, after revelations came about over their family finances.


And another practically timeless point of interest for Duggar family followers? The fact that the eldest Duggar daughter is yet to be married and, at this rate, may never be. Fans do have a theory as to why Jana Duggar isn’t married yet — more than one, in fact.

Jana Duggar, In Her 30s, Is The Oldest Duggar Daughter

Most of her siblings were married in their early 20s (and some even younger — Justin Duggar announced his engagement the day after he turned 18), but Jana Duggar turned 32 in 2022 and doesn’t yet have a ring on her finger — or a suitor in [public] sight.

Jana is the second-oldest Duggar child, along with her twin John-David; Josh is the troubled and currently imprisoned oldest son.

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While John-David was married in his late 20s (to wife Abbie Burnett), Jana was left behind, and not just figuratively. In being the eldest child at home, Jana was literally left living at home with her parents and a gaggle of younger siblings.

As is tradition, all the married Duggar siblings move out shortly after tying the knot. In general, fans tend to applaud when Duggar kids grow up and get married; following the family’s very strict religious rules seems like a burden to viewers at home. But for Jana, that transition hasn’t happened, and some critics aren’t sure it will.

Some Fans Say Jana Isn’t Married Because Of Her Personality

In a harsh summation of Jana’s personality, Redditors picked apart her demeanor on the family’s reality series and decided that she “sucks.” It’s quite critical, but viewers may have a few points, at least when it comes to how Jana comes across in the 19 Kids and Counting series footage.

Viewers call Jana judgmental, as well as boring, and suggest that she’s let the “perfect Christian lady schtick” become her entire personality. This theory is somewhat reinforced by Jana’s past proclamations that she is waiting for “God’s timing” to find a husband, but also thinks there might be something “wrong” with her (because it’s a question she’s asked sometimes).

Daily Mail also noted that Jana said there were “a number of guys” who wanted to court her, but nothing “worked out.”

But diving deeper, additional commenters explained their overall assumptions on personality by noting that Jana has “kind of assumed the position of matriarch.”

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In the family compound, older Duggars use a buddy system to care for their younger siblings; the general consensus is that mom Michelle isn’t very involved in the day-to-day routines around the house — at least not for every child.

Perhaps the heavy load of responsibility is what’s conveying an air of judgment that fans perceive from Jana? Either way, watching her on screen suggests Jana has “a lot of classic emotional and mental labor” that’s hampering her ability to be, well, happy.

Other Viewers Suggest Michelle And Jim-Bob Don’t Want Jana To Marry

A theory secondary to the overall ‘Jana doesn’t seem very nice’ idea is that Jim-Bob and Michelle simply didn’t want Jana to ever get married. While siblings above and around her age were heading off to get married, Jana was largely responsible for the family’s home and all the younger children.

So, fans think, perhaps Jana’s parents put up barriers when or if any eligible suits came knocking for Jana’s hand. The family’s “parentification” of Jana, Redditors propose, is what’s hindering Jana from finding a suitable husband and setting out on her own.

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Of course, there’s also the chance that viewers are totally off the mark and Jana simply doesn’t want to get married. Like any modern human, perhaps she’s able to make the choice for herself that marriage isn’t something she’s interested in. Or, as some speculate, perhaps she’s not interested in a husband so much as some other variety of lifetime partner.

Regardless, it’s all pure speculation from fans until Jana eventually speaks up or announces she’s getting married. But while they wait, fans are content to speculate on the family’s offbeat habits and Jana’s unconventional lifestyle.

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