Thor’s MCU Ending Can Do The 1 Thing Iron Man’s Endgame Death Failed At

Thor: Love and Thunder secretly set up Thor’s best MCU ending, and the franchise can do one thing that Iron Man’s Avengers: Endgame death failed to.

Warning! Spoilers ahead of Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor: Love and Thunder sets up the best possible ending for Thor in the MCU, allowing for one thing that Iron Man’s Avengers: Endgame death wasn’t able to achieve. After surviving the events of the Infinity Saga, the God of Thunder continues his MCU journey with his fourth standalone film, which pits him against Gorr the God Butcher. Luckily for the Asgardian prince, he gets help from New Asgard’s King Valkyrie and Jane Foster, who wields Mjölnir as Mighty Thor. While the titular superhero again survives for future adventures in the MCU, Thor: Love and Thunder establishes how he could one day exit the franchise.


There will come a time when Chris Hemsworth’s Thor will have to leave the MCU, the same way some of his fellow original Avengers did in Avengers: Endgame, most notably Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark/Iron Man. In that 2019 blockbuster, the MCU’s founding hero ended his arc by sacrificing himself to defeat Thanos. Iron Man’s death was tragic and poetic and wrapped up his personal story in an emotionally satisfying way. Thor comes out of the events of Thor: Love and Thunder unscathed, the movie hints at how to end his journey in the MCU, and it could top Iron Man’s demise in Avengers: Endgame.

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As the Thor: Love and Thunder post-credits scene reveals, after her death while fighting as Mighty Thor, Jane Foster enters Valhalla, welcomed by Heimdall. It’s possible that Frigga, Loki, and everyone else Thor has lost are in there, as well. At the end of the God of Thunder’s MCU arc, he could die in battle, perhaps sacrificing himself for the greater good just like what Iron Man did in Avengers: Endgame. However, unlike Tony Stark’s cut Soul World scene where he met grown-up Morgan Stark, Thor could be depicted entering Valhalla and reuniting with Jane and all the important people in his life that have died. This would be the best ending for Thor, who has been in the MCU since its earliest days. This would also allow Marvel Studios to correctly execute the send-off they wanted for Iron Man.

Will The MCU Kill Off Thor?

Frigga consoling Thor in Avengers Endgame

At this point, there’s no rush in ending Thor’s MCU arc. The Asgardian prince is currently 1500 years old, but he could live for far longer. There’s a possibility that Marvel Studios keeps him for as long as possible and waits for him to die a natural death like Odin had in Thor: Ragnarok. Otherwise, he could die in battle the same way Iron Man did or sacrifice himself for a mission like Black Widow in Avengers: Endgame. For now, however, it’s unlikely that the God of Thunder will be leaving the MCU anytime soon. Thor: Love and Thunder even confirmed his return in a later project, although it didn’t reveal when his next outing in the franchise will be. As one of the only three remaining original Avengers post-Infinity Saga still active in the MCU, alongside Hulk and Hawkeye, the God of Thunder can function as the franchise’s elder statesman moving forward.

After Thor: Love and Thunder, Thor’s main priority seems to be to raise Gorr the God Butcher’s daughter, Love. Whether that means that he re-settles back in Asgard or they will go on galactic adventures are unknown at this point. Regardless, it’s clear that he still has a lot of stories left to tell in the MCU. When the time comes for him to wrap up his MCU arc, however, Marvel Studios already has a great way to send him off that is better than Iron Man’s poignant swan song in Avengers: Endgame.

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