TikToker Reveals ‘The Worst Thing’ She Had To Do As A Personal Assistant In Los Angeles

A TikToker decided to share the story about a time when she was a personal assistant in Los Angeles and why she disliked it.


She recalled a moment when she had to call a high-end in-demand specialist but couldn’t book an appointment — her client was disappointed with her and demanded she name-drop a celebrity he knew.

The former assistant revealed her client made her name-drop his celebrity friends.

The TikTok user, Sadie Lane, says working with her client turned her off the profession entirely.

“I value everyone’s privacy, and as a personal assistant, you’re so close to people’s personal lives it’s like you’re in their s–t,” she said, even saying she went through someone’s divorce records page by page.

She dove into the story and talked about one man she had multiple interactions with that made her want to “leave the state” because she disliked working with him so much.

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“So he asked me to make an appointment for him with this really high-end, in-demand specialist. It was not an emergency; he just wants to see this person,” she says in her video.


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