Why Mjolnir Didn’t Rebuild For Thor (Despite Him Being Worthy)

Thor’s most famous weapon, Mjolnir, returns in Love And Thunder, but the reason for the hammer coming back wasn’t to save the Asgardian prince.

Warning: Spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder

Mjolnir made its triumphant return in Thor: Love and Thunder, but it didn’t come back for Thor, despite the God of Thunder still being worthy. Thor’s trusty hammer, Mjolnir, debuted in the MCU before the God of Thunder himself, having appeared in the post-credits scene of Iron Man 2. Since then, only a handful of MCU characters have successfully lifted Mjolnir because it has become the test of worthiness.

In Thor: Ragnorok, Mjolnir was destroyed by Thor’s sister Hela, and up until Thor: Love and Thunder, he had been fighting with Stormbreaker, an enchanted ax forged in Nidavellir. While Stormbreaker is an excellent weapon, Thor makes it clear in Love and Thunder that Mjolnir is his favorite. But Mjolnir did not come back from the dead just so Thor could fight with it, the hammer was rebuilt for a much deeper reason.


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Why Mjolnir Didn’t Rebuild For Thor

Mjolnir on a rock in Thor the Dark World.

Thor: Love and Thunder put into question whether Thor is still worthy because rather than coming back for Thor, Mjolnir magically reformed to save Jane from her terminal cancer. If Mjolnir had the ability to reform all along, then it is reasonable to think that it could have done so some time ago for Thor. But that misses the point because it’s Thor’s time away from Mjolnir during the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame that proves that he is worthy with or without his comfort blanket weapon. Ultimately, Love and Thunder Confirms that the God of Thunder is still worthy as Thor wields Mjolnir once more, but the delay both helps Jane and proves Thor’s worthiness on a much deeper level.

Thor: Love & Thunder Confirms The MCU’s Strongest Force

Jane holding Mjolnir in Thor Love and Thunder

As Taikai Waititi’s movie title suggests, the theme of love was a huge part of Thor: Love and Thunder, and it has arguably become the strongest force in the MCU. During Thor and Jane’s relationship, the God of Thunder asked Mjolnir to keep Jane safe no matter what. So despite Jane and Thor’s relationship ending, and despite Mjolnir being shattered into immoveable fragments, the power of Thor’s enduring love for Jane enabled the legendary hammer to resurrect when Jane’s diagnosis became terminal. The parallel story told in Love and Thunder is that of Gorr the God Butcher, whose final decision to use the power of Eternity to bring his daughter back to life, rather than fulfill his vow to wipe out all of the Gods, was purely motivated by the love of his child.

Love has been an important theme of the wider MCU since its inception, and it continues to be integral to storylines. Feel-good scenes, like Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man rescuing Earth 616’s MJ, bittersweet moments, like Captain America’s reunion with an elderly Peggy Carter, and corrupt decisions, like Wanda ripping open the multiverse to find her family, have all been driven by love. But taking the power of love a step further, Thor: Love and Thunder proved through the resurrection of Mjolnir that love is the most powerful force in the MCU.

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