Winner of ‘The Voice’ Suffers Major Injuries From Fall [Update]

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Alfie Arcuri, winner of season five of “The Voice” Australia, suffered for months after a fall that left him with multiple shattered spinal discs, according to The Daily Mail UK.

The Daily Mail wrote that Arcuri had gone to Europe in 2021 “to perform at the ‘New Wave’ festival in Sochi, Russia.” While in Europe, he found himself trapped there due to COVID-19, so he ended up moving to Italy for an extended stay, reports

Arcuri told the outlet that while he was in his home in Tuscany, he fell two meters off of a ladder. The singer/songwriter explained, “I was holding a packet of M&Ms and just slipped, and when I fell the people I was living with all ran because they thought (the M&Ms) was my teeth.”

Arcuri continued, “I couldn’t breathe for like 20 seconds, my whole body was winded. Which is what would’ve shattered the discs.”

The ‘Voice’ winner was in pain after that but he kept hoping it would just go away on its own. Once the COVID travel ban was lifted, he made his way back to Sydney and tried to go on performing. He quickly found that he could not stand up for more than two minutes at a time, so he finally sought the medical help he needed.

“I was just desperate to work at that point, but I was in so much pain. I had lost feeling in my feet,” Arcuri told “I had an MRI and they could see I shattered my discs. I had a microdiscectomy, where they opened up the spine and took out the disc fragments.”

Arcuri ended up having two major surgeries within a 48 hour period. After the first surgery failed, Arcuri said he experienced “the worst pain of his life.” So he had little choice but to go back under for a second surgery. The second surgery was successful, the outlet reports, and the songster is on his way to recovery, including releasing new music like the song “Overtime.”

WATCH: Arcuri’s ‘Overtime’ Video

Alfie Arcuri – OVERTIME (Official Video)Listen to ‘Overtime’ here: 💜 Follow Alfie Arcuri Instagram: TikTok: Facebook: Twitter: Subscribe to Alfie’s YouTube channel Visit and join the mailing list Overtime is a song about my struggles with anxiety. It’s the darkness that has followed me through most of my life and I hope this…2022-06-23T21:00:11Z

The singer/songwriter won “The Voice” Australia in 2016 as part of Delta Goodrem’s team. Goodrem is an Australian singer and actress who briefly dated former US Voice coach Nick Jonas in 2011 and 2012, according to a 2019 story by Metro UK.

Arcuri was pursuing a successful music career, having recently released the song and music video “Overtime,” which Culture Fix said“proves as endearing as Alfie’s prior releases, thanks to its powerful lyricism and Alfie’s pitch perfect vocal.”

According to a June 28 story by Now to Love, “Alfie soared to victory in 2016 and soon after released his debut album ‘Zenith,’ which featured his original song ‘Cruel.’ The album peaked at No. 5 on the ARIA album chart at the time.”

Arcuri’s Prior Struggles

Arcuri had suffered from anxiety before the accident, which is what his “Overtime” song is about. According to The Daily Mail, Arcuri explained, “This song is about my struggles with anxiety. I know I’m not alone — I’ve witnessed so many of my music industry peers suffering during Covid mentally and financially — and wanted to stress the importance of helping others and sharing our stories amidst this collective consciousness.”

Part of Arcuri’s anxiety issues come from struggling with his identity as a gay man. By the time he won “The Voice” in Australia he was out. Now to Love reported that Arcuri is “a big advocate for LGBTIQ+ rights and was the first openly gay winner on the show.” He was 24 at the time.

Prior to his appearance on “The Voice,” Arcuri had feared coming out to his family for years, The Daily Mail asserted. The outlet reported that in 2016, Arcuri stated in a TV WEEK article, “I prepared myself to be alone as an adult. I just couldn’t imagine my family accepting me as being gay.”

Arcuri also opened up to The Feed about being Catholic and how that affected his feelings about being gay, Now to Love reported. He stated, “It’s pretty sad to think that for 24 years of my life, I felt like an outcast in this world. … Without fail, every single night, from when I was a teenager, from year 7 to 12, I literally prayed every single night, to God, to make me straight.”

Arcuri’s family turned out to be supportive when he told them the truth, the Daily Mail reported: “He was comforted by their unflinching support, saying: ‘My family was absolutely amazing. I would have come out a lot earlier if I’d known how they’d react.”

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