Woman Books Same Wedding Venue As Sister Out Of Spite

A woman is wondering if she is wrong for one-upping her sister by booking the same wedding venue as her at an earlier date.


Posting to the subreddit r/AmIthea–hole (AITA), the woman explains that she and her sister aren’t on good terms.

The woman resents her sister for always getting the attention from their parents.

“I can be honest and admit that she’s much prettier than me, and that’s something she’s never let me forget,” the woman wrote.

“Both of my parents are pretty shallow and they’ve always given her the best and put her first (ie if we both had a school event at the same time, they’d both go to hers).”

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The woman was ecstatic when her boyfriend of five years recently proposed to her, but her sister stole her thunder when she got engaged soon after.

Unsurprisingly to her, her parents focused all of their attention on helping her sister prepare for her big day, believing that her sister “needed more help.”

Fortunately for the woman, her mother-in-law has been a big help throughout the process.

The tipping point came when her sister booked her wedding at the woman’s dream venue.

She has had her heart set on the venue as far back as high school. Her grandparents, who essentially raised her since her parents were so “preoccupied,” got married there, giving it sentimental value to her.



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