Wonder Woman’s Official Tarot Art Assigns Her The Perfect Card

Superheroes and Tarot are an unlikely pairing that surprisingly go hand in hand. Now, a new variant cover assigns Wonder Woman the perfect card.


Upcoming variant covers for DC’s Wonder Woman series assign the perfect tarot cards to Wonder Woman and Doctor Psycho. Variant covers give fans great looks into how different artists see these iconic characters. Now, with these tarot cards, we’re getting a further look into what they mean to the artists, and how they’ve been interpreted.

Tarot and comic books have an interesting history together. Tarot is unique in that it can strike universal chords that can resonate through the cultural zeitgeist in different visual mediums. The symbolism within the cards, and the cards as symbols themselves, make Tarot an excellent device for illustrative structure in comics. In fact, definitive heroes and villains like Wonder Woman and Doctor Psycho are the perfect candidates for tarot, considering Wonder Woman is no stranger to breathtaking art. Now, upcoming variant covers give Wonder Woman and Doctor Psycho their own tarot cards, assigning their tarot designations based on their in-universe characteristics.


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Variant cover artists Jose Villarrubia, Paul Pope, and W. Scott Forbes immediately captures the symbolism of Wonder Woman and Doctor Psycho through the symbolism of their chosen cards. Psycho is presented as the Magician, while Diana gets two iterations: One as the Empress and the second holding the Fool. From a thematic standpoint these designations are perfect representations for their characters. Doctor Psycho is perfect as the Magician, which signifies deceptions and trickery. Doctor Psycho is manipulative, evil, and dangerous with a history of vile and cleverly devious behavior, so it makes sense that his tarot card would be the Magician. On the other hand, Diana embodies the Empress with their mutual focus on strength, guidance, fundamentals, and mythic femininity. Diana is proven to embody all of this as an Amazon. Another aspect of her character is seen as she holds the Fool tarot card, which signifies new adventures and hopefulness.

Wonder Woman can be a tough character to define when choosing a symbolic image for her character. Yet, Jose Villarrubia and W. Scott Forbes manages her dichotomies perfectly. She’s strong and capable, but also compassionate and caring. She’s a brutal warrior, but she’s also a diplomat. So it makes sense that her tarot card would be represented by the Empress and the Fool. The Empress is about strength, power, and femininity and the fool represents her drive for optimism and new adventures, which reflects her first comic introduction perfectly. Diana is the perfect Empress and Psycho is the perfect Magician as a con artist, a liar and a cheat.

Wonder Woman’s tarot cards are undeniably perfect for her. Even though her present-day journey has many twists and turns, it’s nice to see a return to celebrate the classic Diana. Overall, these tarot cards are a great way to get into the characters’ heads, and to see them in a different light while also showingcasing truly celebratory artwork.

Fans of Wonder Woman and Doctor Psycho alike are bound to enjoy these special variant covers as a tribute to their defining characteristics as heroes and villains.

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