X-Men’s Surprise New Member Finally Gets a New Costume After 40 Years

Firestar, the surprise new X-Man, has a new Pepe Larraz costume redesign, which will hopefully stick around for longer than her past costume designs!

Warning: contains spoilers for X-Men: Hellfire Gala #1!

In a surprise that shocked many, the mutant Firestar has been voted onto the newest iteration of the X-Menand talented Marvel artist Pepe Larraz has released a redesigned costume for the fiery hero, one that will hopefully stick around for years to come. Angelica Jones has had several updated costumes over the years, but she has always reverted back to her original costume, first introduced in the 1980s.

Firestar debuted in the beloved 1980s cartoon Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends before being transported into the Marvel-616 universe in the mid-80s with her own Firestar solo title. First introduced as a A promising protegee of the secretly evil Emma FrostWhite Queen of the Hellfire Club, Angelica found out Frost’s plans to use her as an assassin and betrayed her, ruining her relationship with mutantkind for many years.


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At the recent X-Men: Hellfire Gala #1 – written by Gerry Duggan with art by a slew of talented creators – Firestar, in a surprise to fans and Angelica herself, won the fan vote to join the new roster of the X-Men, alongside Cyclops, Jean Grey, Synch, Magik, Forge, and Havok. After Emma Frost’s horrible manipulations of Angelica as a youth, including killing her horse Butter Rum, Firestar never assimilated with larger mutant culture, regardless of eventually learning that Frost had been lying to her about Xavier’s X-Men being evil. Yet Angelica eventually became an independent hero, keeping the name Frost gave her as well as her classic costume, a yellow one-piece jumpsuit with red gloves, boots, and mask. Now though, in a design variant cover for the upcoming X-Men #13artist Pepe Larraz reveals a stunning modern update to Firestar’s costume, one that she will hopefully continue to use regardless of how long she’s with the X-Men.

Throughout the years, Angelica has updated her costume, first as a member of the New Warriors and later as an Avenger, wearing a costume gifted to her by Janet van Dyne that Firestar altered because Janet’s original design felt too revealing. scale, Firestar has always seemed to revert back to her classic 1980s look, albeit with some more streamlined looks, evident in her most recent cameo in a Marvel comic as part of Luciano Vecchio’s Marvel’s Voices: Iceman Infinity Comic.

What makes Pepe Larraz’s new costume design so wonderful is that it keeps the same one-piece suit from Firestar’s original costume design while giving it a bunch of modern twists and flair. Larraz has been the main artist on X-Men with writer Gerry Duggan, and although new artists Carlos Villa and Marte Garcia are taking over for the internal art work of X-Men moving forward, it is wonderful that Larraz got to redesign Firestar’s costume to end his tenure on the book. Not only has Larraz designed an epic new costume for Firestar, one that changes when she is actively using her powers and is wonderfully reminiscent of Sunfire’s own fiery costume update, but Larraz has also created a logo for Firestar, a beautiful wavy 5-pointed star that makes the underrated character even more recognizable. Interestingly, the new costume seems to not include her classic red mask, instead opting for a powerful energy mask to form on Angelica’s face when she is using her microwave – a more subtle look to align with the rest of the X-Men roster, who – as public-facing heroes for a controversial nation – rarely cover their faces.

With Angelica Jones unsure of why she was elected to join the X-Men team – and her old Avengers teammate Tony Stark already asking her to spy on the mutants for them – it is clear that Firestar is going to need a powerful, confidence-boosting costume update to become the X-Hero she was always destined to be, something that Pepe Larraz has beautifully delivered.

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